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Selecting and caring for carpets when you have pets

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Selecting and caring for carpets when you have pets

If you have pets and are unsure of what carpet to select, this short guide will help you through the process.

  • Firstly do not be afraid to opt for carpet, as it can be the most comfortable option for you and your pets. Carpet is a great sound absorber and prevents pets from sliding across the floor, making your home a much more peaceful place to live in. When selecting carpet, ensure you opt for one which offers stain resistance and durability. The Carpet Showroom recommends the Easicare range as it is 100% polypropylene. Polypropylene carpets are easy to clean, have impeccable stain resistant qualities and most importantly are great for general wear and tear.
  • When choosing the style of carpet, be aware that cut and loop styles can be an issue for pet claws. The looped finish of the carpet means claws can easily pull on the surface of the carpet leaving a messy, untidy finish. Instead, look at twist and plush saxony styles, such as Aria, as they are much more suitable and long wearing.
  • It may seem like an obvious piece of advice but colour choice is important, opt for darker colours as they can hide dirt and any unfortunate accidents with relative ease.
  • If you already have carpet in your home ensure you vacuum regularly; this will increase the life of your carpet whilst removing any animal fur or hairs.
  • If you carpets need a refresh, call the professionals at Chem Dry. Their services include carpet and upholstery cleaning but for pet owners, the P.U.R.T (pet urine odour removal) treatment is a great option.

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