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Make your living room cosy

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As the nights get darker and colder, the living room is your go to place to get snug and cosy. Furniture, accessories, patterns and cushioned carpet can make all the difference in making your living room a tranquil haven. The Carpet Showroom will be looking at the most effective options for you to create a welcoming space to escape away during the cold winter evenings.

Blankets and Throws

Mix up different textures and colours for a changeable seasonal look, great for keeping up to date with the ongoing winter trends. Colours to watch are royal blues, cool greys and of course pantone colour of the year radiant orchard. Throws are the perfect addition to sofas to add pattern and colour and are a cheap option to keep warm and snug. If you prefer a clutter free living room store away in a blanket box for a chic storage option.

Statement Chair

A statement chair can transform a dull and drab corner into an inviting and alluring space. Put the chair in a corner nook of your living room teamed with a chunky knit throw or blanket and there you have a cosy reading space.

Rugs and Carpets

If you currently have hard wood or laminate down in your living room, buy a thick piled rug to add an immediate warming effect to the room. Rugs add another layer of insulation to the floor, trapping the cool air underneath and keep it from seeping up and cooling the room. The warmth of a rug will keep your feet nice and toasty.

If you would prefer a more permanent change in your home, opt for a thicker piled Saxony carpet. We personally recommend Rameau due to the versatile colours available in the range. For an even softer luxurious feel underfoot our variety of velvet ranges are ideal to warm up the home. Duchess Elite particularly in Barley is very on trend for 2015.


Buying new curtains is such a simple step that can save you money in the long run. Thermally lined curtains can keep out draught and maintain the heat in your living room. Whilst adding to the overall decor scheme, curtains can save vast amounts on the energy bill.

Soft lighting and scented candles

Lighting can create a warming and inviting ambience immediately making a cold living room look bright and hospitable. Decorative lanterns and candles clustered together and arranged in an assortment of heights can add an intimate and homely touch. Candles with scents synonymous to winter and Christmas can further add to the winter ambience.

If you have any further tips on how to make your living room your winter retreat why not share them with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

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