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How to remove chewing gum from your carpet?

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How to remove chewing gum from your carpet?

If you are unfortunate enough to get chewing gum stuck to your carpet, this simple and easy method will leave your carpets gum and stain free.

What you need

· Ice

· Zip lock bag

· Butter knife/ spatula

Tip: If the chewing gum is still soft and not yet hardened use the ice method to ensure clean removal

Step 1: Firstly you need to put the ice in a zip lock bag, ensuring it is secure and will not leak.

Step 2: Next place the zip lock bag upon the affected area and leave until the chewing gum goes brittle and hardens. The longer the ice pack sits the harder the gum will become, making it easier to remove.

Step 3: Use the butter knife or spatula to attempt to lift the gum from the carpet fibres. Be gentle when doing this to ensure you do not damage the carpet.

Step 4: If any residue is left repeat the above. Then blot with clean water, ensuring not to matt the carpet fibres.

Step 5: Hoover the affected area and fluff up the carpet fibres with your fingers.

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