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Don’t be spooked by ghoulish stains this Halloween

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Don’t be spooked by ghoulish stains this Halloween

The prospect of sticky carpets sodden with pumpkin innards, fake blood and dried up chocolate can send a chill down any homeowner’s spine.

If you are planning on having a spooky Halloween party these clean up tips can help you prepare for the frightening cleanup.

Please be aware that different types of carpets require different cleaning techniques, if in doubt about the techniques below please contact the professionals at Chem-Dry.

Removing sticky sweets

1.First pour a small amount of warm water onto the sweet. This dissolves the sugars sticking to the fibres of the carpet.

2.Proceed to use a butter knife and scrape away the excess of the sticky residue away.

3.Next, apply a liquid detergent or your favourite stain remover to the area.

4.Blot the affected area with a clean towel or sponge.

5.Continue these steps until the area is clean.

Removing chocolate

1.Allow the chocolate to completely dry.

2. Use a butter knife to remove the excess chocolate.

3.Apply dish washing solution (1 tsp : 1 litre of warm water) to the affected area.

4.Blot dry with a clean white towel.

5.Repeat steps 2 & 3 until the stain is gone.

6.Rinse with clean warm water and blot dry.

Fake blood and face paint

1.Act fast! Particularly with fake blood and attempt to remove the majority of the liquid from the carpet using a clean white towel.

2.Due to the red dying agent of fake blood and the oily nature of costume makeup The Carpet Showroom recommends you use Chem-Dry’s Grease and Oil Remover. Unlike other solvent-based-spotters, their Grease & Oil Remover is water based and non-toxic and is 100% evaporative and residue free.

Pumpkin innards

1.First scrape away the majority of the excess with a blunt butter knife.

2.Combine a few drops of laundry detergent with warm water.

3.Gently blot the stain with a white cloth, ensuring you do not over wet the carpet.

4.As you blot, the stain will slowly transfer to the towel.

5.Repeat if necessary and allow to dry naturally.

Candle Wax

If you do have any candle wax stains which are giving you nightmares take a look at our previous blog with our own tried and tested method.

If you cannot face the daunting task of a clean up after a Halloween party, book yourself a professional carpet clean with Chem-Dry, contact your local franchise now for more details.

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