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Benefits of Wool Carpet

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Benefits of Wool Carpet

Wool has established a great reputation as a fibre of quality, as it is resilient and has the ability to retain its appearance over many years. 100% wool carpets and 80/20 mixes have no competition with regards to value for money.

The main benefits of wool carpets are:


· Wool carpets not only add comfort underfoot but wool also acts as a natural insulator maintaining warmth in your home. Not only does it act as an insulator it is also a great sound absorber, ideal for households with children and pets.


· The natural crimp of wool offers valuable bounce back qualities meaning the pile will resist flattening, maintaining its appearance for many years.

· Wool carpets are very easy to maintain and only require vacuuming.


· Wool is naturally fire retardant and has a slow ignition rate.

· As carpet cushions it is great for infants who may have a few falls.

Environmentally friendly:

· As wool is a natural fibre it is 100% sustainable.


· Wool does not give off any volatile air compounds attributed to manmade fibres creating a much healthier home.

Our favourite wool ranges:

Sisal Weave: Idea for modern homes due to its minimalistic finish.

Options 288: In a variety of colours meaning there is a shade for every taste.

Natural Co-ordinates: Ideal for stairs and hallways.

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